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Our mission is to foster a spirit of understanding and cooperation among the nations of goodwill.

We also would like to enhance the appreciation for liberty and justice, while properly representing the national heritage of Poland.


Each one of us is committed to our area of responsibility and are looking forward to serving each one of you.

Katherine Akrami, President & HPR Delegate

Jaroslaw Musial, 1s VP HPR Alternate Delegate

Beata Carlson, Treasurer

Wanda Augustyniak, Secretary

Halina Mikos, Membership

Ewa Chrzanowska, Hosting

Bozena Galazkowski, Property Manager

HOP Board Members 2023.jpg

Each year, the House of Poland, along with all the other cottages, crown a Queen and a Princess to reign for one year to foster the spirit of understanding, tolerance and goodwill between all races and nationalities, trying  to understand each one’s culture, customs, background, tradition and history.

They represent the House of Poland, present music and dances and are  “Goodwill Ambassadors” of the House of Pacific Relations. They educate its members in parliamentary procedures, democratic processes and good public relations, preparing them to become responsible members of the House of Poland. 

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